Doron Ben Zichri


First Sergeant Doron Ben Zichri lived in Nahariya. He was critically wounded in the Hebron area in 1995. Ben-Zichri was a member of the special anti-terrorist unit. On June 30, 1995 they stormed the hideout of Taher Kapisha, a top member of of a Hamas cell in Hebron who murdered at least six Israelis in drive-by shootings. Ben-Zichri was instrumental in taking down the infamous terrorist. He was shot in the process of the operation. He died on 25/12/1998 at 26 years old. The terrorist he helped eliminate was responsible for the murder of at least six Israelis over a one-year period including Margalit Ruth Shohat and Rafael Yairi on May 17, 1994, and Rabbi Amiram Olami on November 27, 1994, in attacks near Beit Haggai, Sarit Prigal near Kiryat Arba on July 7, 1994 and Nahum Hoss and Yehuda Partosh. Hebron is notorious as a haven for Hamas murderers. 
This image is part of  the "Yizkor" memorial project of the Ministry of Defense.
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