Refael Ephraim Yairi


On May 17, 1994 Rafael Yairi (Kloppenberg), 36, of Kiryat Arba, and Margalit Ruth Shohat, 48, of Ma'ale Levona, were killed when their car was fired upon by by terrorists in a passing car near Beit Haggai, south of Hebron.
Rafael was survived by his wife and two children.
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Birth:  Sep. 13, 1958
Death:  May 17, 1994

The inscription says:

"Your hands were not bound 
Nor were your feet in fetters. 
You fell as a man falls before the sons of iniquity." 
(II Samuel 3,34) 
The martyr Raphael Ephraim 
ben Avraham Ya'iri - may God avenge his blood. 

Born 28 Elul 5718 

Killed by villians as he travelled the roads of Judea 
On the day after Shavuot 
7 Sivan 5754 

Beloved by Heaven and beloved by creation. 

May his soul be bound in life.
Old Hevron Cemetery 
Hebron (Hevron)