Mordechai Lapid


56-year-old Mordechai Lapid, was born in Ukraine, grew up in Riga, Latvia and lived in Kiryat Arba. He was a Soviet refusenik, being denied an exit visa to Israel and spent 2 years in a Soviet detention camp for "Zionist activities" from 1966 to 1968. He was one of the Elon Moreh group that helped repopulate Judea and Samaria in 1975 starting with the dramatic Gush Emunim effort at the old Ottoman Sabastia train station. Trained as an engineer he worked in this field as well as authoring a book entitled Four Gardens. He also wrote a play and poems, and articles.
He and his son Shalom, age 19, were shot to death near the Glass Junction, formerly the main entrance to Hebron and Kiryat Arba on December 6, 1993. Three other Lapid children were injured. Hamas claimed responsibility. He was survived by his wife Miriam and children. 

(Photo: Mordechai Lapid (with beard and checkered shirt) and friends from Garin Elkana, June 1975. Credit: Wiki Commons.)