Zvi "Howie" Glatt


A moving article published in the Times of Israel last year commemorated the courage of one of those young men. Joseph A. Grob, a childhood friend of one of The Six penned "Searching for Zvi "“Howie"” Glatt z’'l –On His 35th Yurtzeit."
The following are brief excerpt:
"Howie was my first Madrich/Counselor in Bnei Akiva. What I remember most about Howie was his smile, his Jewish pride and his love of Israel. As his chanich/student, he educated me and helped me develop a love of Israel as well.
When I go to Israel, I almost always go to visit the city of Hebron. I go to be where Howie was when he died and to pray for him. I go to visit the people of Hebron and to give them strength and to remember what the six boys of Hebron died for. I know Howie is long gone, but every time I go to Hebron, I still look for him. 
Silly, right? I know!
Yet, I look for his face in the crowds. I wonder if he stood where I stand. I look for his spirit. I look at the people. I look at the thriving but small Jewish community in the second holiest city in Israel and I cry and I smile. 
I cry because Howie is gone and I cry because his dream of a fully re-settled land of Israel has not yet come true. I smile because I see that Howie’'s spirit and determination continues to live in the Jewish Community of Hebron. I still miss him.
Last year in January 2014, Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum (Hebron tour guide) recounted the story of the origins of the Jewish community as we passed the Beit Hadassah and, of course, I cried for Howie, and I looked for him yet again.
Only a few days after visiting Hebron, our most excellent tour guide, Eve Harow, told me to stay close to her; she had a surprise for me. I was not prepared. 
I met Rachel Zimmerman first. When Rachel started to tell her story I understood why Eve told me to be prepared. 
"“I am from Canada... I was a Peace Now activist in Hebron in 1980..."” she began. 
She recounted how Miriam Levinger (veteran leader of the community) approached her one day and started to show her how the houses surrounding the Beit Hadassah area were taken from the Jews after 1929. She told how Mrs. Levinger showed her the places where the mezuzahs from the Jewish homes had been removed. 
Rachel told us how she spent Shabbat with Mrs. Levinger and how she met her future husband that Shabbat, Alon Zimmerman, and she told us about meeting Alon’'s best friend, Zvi Glatt, who two weeks later died in Alon’'s arms. 
What did I just hear? 
I approached Rachel and we spoke some more privately. Thank goodness I was wearing sunglasses because I was crying like a baby. Some unknown force had brought me here to meet these people who had a connection, a Kesher, to Howie.
Next I met Alon Zimmerman. When I told him where I was from and how I knew Zvi Glatt, tears formed in his eyes and in mine. We talked for a few minutes about Zvi and he told me that it was incumbent upon me to help fulfill Zvi’'s dream of a return to the land of Israel – to the homeland of our people. He told me that in this way, we keep Zvi’'s spirit alive.

Indeed! I can’'t thank Eve Harow enough for bringing me to the Zimmerman farm and for helping me find Zvi, through Alon.
I went looking for my friend Zvi “"Howie"” Glatt and I think I finally found him. He is alive and well with Rachel and Alon. He resides in the spirit of every Oleh Chadash —every person making Aliya to live in Israel. He is alive and well in the spirit of every person who visits Hebron and every Jewish resident of Hebron. He is alive and well so long as we remember him and the sacrifice he made so that we have the Land of Israel. 

Alon was right. The way to keep Zvi alive and to remember him properly is to move and rebuild the land of Israel. I don’'t have an immediate plan to move to Israel. Right now it's a long term plan, but its a plan. Today, on this 35th Yurtzheit for my friend, my mentor, my teacher Zvi Menachem ben Shmuel Moshe Glatt is alive and well inside of me. May his memory be blessed, and may his neshoma have an Aliya and may we never forget.
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