Dov Ettinger


Dov Ettinger lived in Givatayim. He was murdered on 24.10.1969 at the age of 21.
Hebron resident Dr. Chaim Simons wrote in his memoirs:
"The day after Clara Dribben family gave birth, asoldier who was manning a road check-point near Hebron was shot by a terrorist. The soldier’s name was Dov Ettinger, and he had been named after Dov Gruner, the Etzel member who had been hanged by the British. To perpetuate Dov Ettinger’s name, Eddy Dribben decided to call his newly-born son Dov. At the Brit Milah, the following week, the grandfather of Dov Ettinger was present and at a later date his parents came to Hebron. Periodically afterwards, the Dribbens were invited to visit the Ettinger family for Shabbat."