4D Movie "Touching Eternity" Brings Hebron History to Life

Moving chairs and a dramatic modern story-line explain the importance of the city of the Matriarchs & Patriarchs.

19.9.16, 12:17
Touching Eternity is a 4D movie viewable at the Hebron visitor's center at Beit Hadassah. The building that dates back to 1893 houses private residence and a museum of Hebron's history. Now it also features a state-of-art theater. 
Touching Eternity depicts a typical modern Israeli family who are transported through time. They visit landmarks in Hebron's history such as Abraham's purchase of the Tomb of Machpela, the dark days of the Ottoman conquest and the Seventh Step, and the dramatic return to the city in 1967. This inspiring 30-minute movie is in Hebrew and English. It includes moving chairs, CGI graphics and other special effects that bring the experience to life.
The father of the family is portrayed by well-known actor Danny Steg, known for roles in the Israeli TV series Taxi Driver, the film Mabul, and the solo stage production Mr. Begin.
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Filming 'Touching Eternity' in Hebron | 16 Images
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