Hebron's Song of Songs - A Collection of Hebron Songs

Mordechai Ben-David, Avraham Fried and more sing the praises of King David's first capital city.

19.9.16, 11:56
The compilation album Hebron's Song of Songs - A Collection of Hebron Songs, features some of the most well-known names in Jewish music. Featured musicians include:

Mordechai Ben-David, Avraham Fried, Dedi, Shlomo Carlebach,  Uri Buskila, Yitzchak Riss, Pirchei Yerushalayim, Chaim David, Shmuel Danieli, Shalom Plisser, Moshe "Musa" Berlin, Lenny Solomon and more. many of these musicians have performed on stage at Hebron's annual Succot and Passover music festival. 
To visit Hebron:

United States contact info:
1760 Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230

In Israel contact the offices of the Jewish Community of Hebron at:
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