Joshua, Hebron & the Megillah: A special Purim Tour

10.3.22, 13:54

Does Hebron read the megillah on Purim, or Shushan Purim? Now we know.

Chayei Sarah: Israel's Second City by Moshe Taragin

24.10.21, 13:28

The journey ends in Jerusalem and begins in Hebron.

The Post-Jihad era explained in 7 Reasons

4.1.21, 11:35

Arab nations are recognizing Israel is here to stay.

Abraham's children, both Muslims & Jews, forge regional cooperation

16.10.20, 16:43

Abraham lived in Hebron 4,000 years ago. Today the Abraham Accords are forging peace among his descendants.

Land for Peace or Peace for Peace?

4.10.20, 21:43

Veteran Hebron resident contemplates today's Abraham Accord and yesterday's Hebron Accords.

What's a better word for Occupation? How about Abraham

26.8.20, 21:48

There is something special in Hebron that can bridge the divide. The Tomb of the Patriarchs is revered by Abraham's children.

Never Beinartistan: A better solution to the Israeli-Arab Conflict

20.7.20, 15:35

Hebron spokesman Yishai Fleisher presents three plans that are better than Beinart's bi-national state idea.

The original Deal of the Century was the 1920 San Remo Conference

26.4.20, 14:37

Let us cast off the contrived U.N. narrative in which Israel was born into the inevitability of two states on this year's Independence Day.

The start-up nation in hibernation

31.3.20, 20:28

The coronavirus crisis has reminded us that we are small, that our knowledge is limited, and that we are not the masters of this world.