Out-of-Print Sefer Hevron now available online in full text

The definitive history of Hebron, long out of print now available online

30.3.22, 12:02 | נעם ארנון | 140 reads
Sefer Heveron - The Book of Hebron edited by Oded Avisar is the main source of information about the Hebron community. Begun when the community was still exiled, it was released in 1970 after the Six Day War and went on to be printed in two editions. Long out of print, the book has great nostalgic and historical value.
The Jewish community in Hebron has received permission from the book's editor to upload a digital edition for the benefit of the general public interested in Hebron's history.
Thank you to publishers and the Avisar family for this important work which contains rare documents, photos and a wealth of facts about Hebron. 
To read the digital book, click here.
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