Joshua, Hebron & the Megillah: A special Purim Tour

Does Hebron read the megillah on Purim, or Shushan Purim? Now we know.

10.3.22, 13:54 | נעם ארנון | 55 reads
A special tour guided by Dr. Noam Arnon is scheduled ahead of the Jewish holiday of Purim. It will discuss the reading the Scroll of Esther in Hebron in light of  new excavations at the Tel Hevron archeological site.
The new excavations in 2014 revealed a solid and clear fact: the wall built in the Middle Bronze Age, which surrounded the city during the time of Joshua was not destroyed or intended to be destroyed, but rather the opposite. It was found to be still standing in the Israelite period (Iron Age). So today there is no doubt that the city was surrounded by a wall at the time of Joshua son of Nun. Thus the question of whether or not the Megillah is read on Purim, or the day after, on Shushan Purim as is done in Jerusalem, should now be answered.
According to the Book of Esther, cities surrounded by walls celebrate Purim one day later. The sages determined a walled city is any city that was walled dating back to the time of Joshua.  

The tour and lecture will be held Sunday March 13, 2022 at 11:00 am. To register click here:
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