Jews and Jihadists

5.2.16, 14:35

Would anyone like to compare Hadar Cohen to the terrorists who murdered her, or to the thirteen year old jihadists yesterday in Ramla?

Is the impossible possible?

30.1.16, 20:44

It is clear that the world is undergoing dramatic and unforeseen changes. As is Israel and the Jewish people. But sane people, with their eyes open, should be able to discern what's going on, and act accordingly. Whether they live outside of Israel, or in Israel.

Stopping a wave or Winning a war

27.1.16, 19:35

...So, I ponder, hearing the phrase, 'the current wave of terror,' or the first, second and perhaps third intifada, where is dividing line? Where has one stopped and the next one began? Jewish blood is Jewish blood is Jewish blood. And when going to the beach, watching the tide, usually you see wave after wave after wave after wave. And so it goes. However here, the euphemism is quite helpful ...