Abraham's children, both Muslims & Jews, forge regional cooperation

16.10.20, 16:43

Abraham lived in Hebron 4,000 years ago. Today the Abraham Accords are forging peace among his descendants.

What's a better word for Occupation? How about Abraham

26.8.20, 21:48

There is something special in Hebron that can bridge the divide. The Tomb of the Patriarchs is revered by Abraham's children.

Never Beinartistan: A better solution to the Israeli-Arab Conflict

20.7.20, 15:35

Hebron spokesman Yishai Fleisher presents three plans that are better than Beinart's bi-national state idea.

The original Deal of the Century was the 1920 San Remo Conference

26.4.20, 14:37

Let us cast off the contrived U.N. narrative in which Israel was born into the inevitability of two states on this year's Independence Day.

The start-up nation in hibernation

31.3.20, 20:28

The coronavirus crisis has reminded us that we are small, that our knowledge is limited, and that we are not the masters of this world.

Cautiously Optimistic about Deal of the Century in Hebron

18.2.20, 17:57

Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan: Hebron Spokesman ‘Cautiously Optimistic.' Yishai Fleisher finds hope in improved relations between Arabs and Jews.

Why young Europeans can’t understand Israeli settlers

13.2.20, 22:38

Europe today is post-God, post-nationalism, post-family and post-Holocaust—and is therefore understandably at odds with the very concept of Israel.

The Prayer Intifada

23.1.20, 21:57

It’s time for Israel to reverse the misguided Dayan doctrine and send a clear message that Palestinian “liberation” of the Temple Mount and the Tomb of the Patriarchs will utterly fail.

The End Of The 100-Year Arab-Israeli War

8.7.19, 20:54

Israel has been victorious and Arab nations are begrudgingly shifting to “if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.” Iran's threat is also a factor in increased normalization with the Jewish state.

Jews and Muslims at Ramadan meal - A first-hand report

14.6.19, 10:35

This is not your grandfather's Hebron. The new generation rejects a two-state-solution and accepts that the settlers are here to stay.